Dine In and Takeaway Menu

Please inform the staff of any food allergies when making your order.


Chicken Wing [4pcs]
Marinated chicken wing deep fired serve with sweet chilli sauce
Money Bag [4pcs]
Mince chicken ,water chestnut ,corn ,cladded coconut
Satay [4pcs]
Grilled marinated chicken breast on a skewer topped with satay sauce
Vegetarian Spring Roll [4 pcs]
Vegetables, vermicelli, fungus wrapped in crispy pastry and served with sweet plum sauce
Seafood Spring Roll [4 pcs] - available Fairfield venue only
Seafood, vegetables and seasoning
Curry Puff [4 pcs]
Puff pasrty filled with vegetables, dry coconut, potato, lightly spices with powder and served with sweet chilli sauce
Fish Cake [4 pcs]
Spicy Thai fish cakes, Deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce, cucumber and ground peanut.
Crispy Golden Prawns
King prawns marinated with mixed Thai herbs wrapped with spring roll sheets served with sweet chilli sauce.
Coconut Crabs [4 pcs]
Deep fried crumbed crab claw served with sweet plum sauce.
Mixed Entree
A mixture of fish cake, spring roll, curry puff, satay chicken served with sweet chilli and satay sauce
$8.00/ per person



Tom Yum
Hot and sour soup with Thai herbs and mushroom.
Your choice of: Vegi and Tofu, Chicken, Beef   $7.90   or Seafood, prawn  $9.90
Tom Kha
Coconut milk soup with chilli jam and mushroom
Your choice of: Vegi and Tofu, Chicken, Beef   $7.90   or Seafood, prawn  $9.90
Chicken Wonton soup
Marinate chicken wrap with wonton, chicken stock ,bokchoy shallot coriander
Fired onion or garlic
Beef ball noodle soup
Chicken stock, beef ball, bokchoy bean sprout shallot, coriander fired garlic or onion
Beef ball noodle soup Flat noodle with chicken stock, fired onion, garlic bokchoy and beanspout $11.90
Wonton noodle soup 
Egg noodle, chicken wonton chicken stock bockoy bean spout fired onion or garlic , coriander shallot


Your Choice Of:

• Vegetable and Tofu 
• Chicken or Beef
• Lamb, Roast Duck, Prawns or Mixed Seafood, Fish Fillet
Green Curry
Medium hot authentic curry paste based with coconut milk, vegetables, bamboo shoot and basil leaves
Red Curry
Mild authentic curry paste base coconut milk, vegetables, bamboo shoot and basil
Panang Curry
Thick curry cooked in coconut milk, vegetables and peanut sauce.
Yellow Curry
Mild Curry with potatoes, onion, coconut milk.
Massaman Curry [Beef or Lamb only]
Mild curry with coconut milk, potato, onion, bay leaves and peanut
Jungle Curry [No Coconut Milk] [Hot]
Capsicum, green bean, zucchini, bamboo shoot, baby corn, basil leaves and green peppercorns.
Choo chee curry
Mild curry, greenbean, carrot, lime leave.


Wok On Fire

Your Choice Of:
  • Vegetable and Tofu
  • Chicken or Beef
  • Roast Duck,Prawns or Mixed Seafood, Fish Fillet, Lamb



Chilli and Basil [Medium Hot]
Fresh chilli, mixed vegetables, carrot and basil leaves
Cashew Nut and Chilli Jam
Cashew nut, chilli jam, capsicum, onion, shallot and baby corn
Garlic and Pepper
Onion, bok choy and Chinese broccoli
Ginger and Mushroom
Fresh ginger, mushroom, onion, shallot, carrot, baby corn and mixed vegetables
Oyster Sauce
Mixed vegetables & mushroom and baby corn
Peanut Sauce
Mixed vegetables
Sweet & Sour
Cucumber, tomato, onion, baby corn and vegetables
Tamarind sauce
Sweet andsour a bit salt tasty with some vegetable and some meat



Thai Salad [Yum]

Beef Salad or Chicken Salad
Slice grilled steak, Thaitanic dressing and fresh vegetables
Mince Chicken or Beef [Larb]
Warm Salad with Thaitanic dressing and Thai dressing salad
Prawns or Mixed Seafood Salad
Fresh king prawns or mixed seafood, lemongrass and homemade Thai dressing.
Calamari Salad
Calamari with mixed salad tossed with medium spicy chilli lime dressing
Spicy Vermicelli Salad [Yum Wun Sen]
Mixed seafood prawns, onion, tossed with Thaitanic dressing topped with dried shrimp, spring onion and coriander


House Special

Crying Tiger
Grilled marinated steak served with spicy Thai sauce
 BBQ Chicken
Chicken thight fillet size marinated with selected Thai herbs, served with spicy Thai sauce.
BBQ Lamb Rib
Marinated rib with homemade BBQ honey sauce served with spicy Thai Sauce
Seafood Pad Cha [Hot]
[Prawn, Fish Fillet and Mussel]
Fresh homemade chilli paste, capsicum, basil leaves, green pepper corn and kaffir lime leafs.
Roast Duck Chilli and Basil [Medium Hot]
Fresh chilli paste, capsicum, onions, mushroom and basil leaves
Prawns [Garlic or Chilli]
Stir-fried king prawns, vegies and selected vegetables

Signature dish

Chili basil crispy chicken
Deep fired crispy chicken, Serve with home made chilli basil sauce deep fired basil leave
Chili basil soft shell crab
Deep fired soft shell crab serve with homemade chilli basil sauce deep fried basil leave
Fried rice crab meat $16.90
Choo chee salmon    
Grill salmon serve with choochee sause,greenbean ,carrot ,lime leave chilli basil salmon
Chilli basil sause salmon
Grill salmon serve with chilli basil sause and deep fired basil leave
Chili basil snapper
Deep fired marinate hole snapper serve with chilli basil sauce carrot broccoli
Mushroom green bean and deep fired basil leave
Choo chee snapper
Deep fired marinate hole snapper serve with mild curry carrot green bean capsicum lime leave
Sweet and sour snapper
Deep fired marinate hole snapper serve with sweet and sour sauce pine Apple
Spanish onion cucumber tomato capsicum corn shallot


Noodle Dish

Your Choice Of:
• Chicken, Beef or Vegetable Tofu
• Prawn or Mixed Seafood, Fish Fillet, BBQ Duck or Lamb

Pad Thai
Rice noodle [Thin] Tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprout, garlic chives and ground peanut
Pad See-Eiw [Flat Noodle]
Chinese sweet soy-sauce, oyster sauce and mixed select vegetable


Rice Dish


Rice selection:
Tomato rice     Large $5.50 small $4.50
Coconut rice   Large $5.50 small $4.50
Steam rice      Large $3.50 small $2.50
Gingers rice    Large $4.50 small $3.50


Thai fried rice or spicy fried rice or Tom yom fried rice or pine apple fried rice
Chicken or beef or only vegetable       $10.90
Seafood or prawns or lamb or duck    $14.90

Gingers rice with crispy chicken or ginger rice with steam chicken $10.90  

Rice Soup
Some rice ,chicken stock ,fired garlic ,coriander shallot ,Cleary and cabbage salt Stir fried with rice or curry with rice
Chicken or beef or only vegetable    $10.90
Prawn ,seafood,duck,lamb,fish        $12.90



Design Your Own Dish

Select Your Favourite Noodle
  • Hokkien Noodle
  • Thin Thai Noodle
  • Thick Rice Noodle [Flat Rice Noodle]
  • Egg Noodle
Then Add Your Flavour Stir Fried
  • Pad See Ew
  • Pad Kee Mao
  • Thai Chilli [Mild, Med, Hot]
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Chinese Oyster Sauce
  •  Hot & Spicy Japanese Sauce
  • Malaysia Satay Sauce
  • Thai Coconut Sauce


Fried Ice Cream
[Topping: Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry] $8.50

Additional information:

BYO $2.50pp
Seating inside for 20, outside for 40 
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